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What is a bed place

What is a bed place.  Today, along with ads about letting apartments and rooms can often be found in the announcement that is bed space. But what is the bed-place and what the actual proposed lessor? In our country this term too abstract: you can meet bed in the room with the bed, master room for several people in the apartment with the landlord, bed in a hostel for a few people, and even bed place in mini hotel with all comforts and San host connections in the room.   Of course, when the market for apartments and rooms, even prohibitively road bed place will find its customers. This affordable housing is ideal for students and workers. The man who came to the session, it would consider renting a flat bed seat quite suitable. Is also taken into account that bed place to rent more profitable than an apartment.

When renting an apartment, you will have to pay the first and last months and 50 per cent of the Agency-mediator, at the same time, if you are going to rent a bed place, you pay only for the number of days you want. You can rent a bed place for 30 days by paying only 500 – 800 UAH. You can rent a bed place for 1-2 weeks and, even, if necessary, for one day.

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